Black Flowers Name in Hindi and English

Black flowers are rare. Their use is also rarely seen. Let us give you the names of 31 important black flowers and their complete information.

Black Flowers Name in Hindi and English

Black colored flowers are rare as well as beautiful. It is difficult to determine their colour on the basis of the name of the flowers . Flowers of the same species come in many colours. Talking about black flowers, it is liked by very few people. Red , yellow , blue , white , and pink flowers are very much liked by the people.

Black colored flowers are Indian as well as foreign. People also use black colored flowers as Good Morning Flowers to express their displeasure . In this article, we will tell you the names of 31 important flowers of black color which are famous and also liked by the people. Now without taking much of your time, let us tell the names of 31 black flowers and give their information.

Black Tulip

The first place in the list of names of black flowers belongs to the tuber flower. Some readers may be surprised to see the tuber flower in the list of names of black flowers. The black colored tuber flower is very beautiful.

The leaves of its plants are long and pointed. It is also called Queen of Night . This is a very rare flower. Due to being rare, it is sold in the market at expensive prices.

Only one flower blooms on one branch of it. This characteristic of it sets it apart from other flowers. People plant this rare flower in large numbers to enhance the beauty of the garden.

Purple Calla Lily

Purple calla lily, which occupies the second place in the list of black flower names, is a very rare flower. This beautiful and rare flower is very easy to grow. Many flowers bloom on its plants simultaneously.

In the middle of its flowers, there is a thin dangle-like shape from inside which makes it attractive. Its plants require light milk. It is also planted in a pot to enhance the beauty of the house.

Its plants require light care. Fertilized soil is suitable for this. Light water should be used from time to time.

Katuki (Helle Bore)

In our list of names of black flowers, Helle Bore is placed at the third place. Due to its bitter taste, it is called Katuki, its scientific name is Helleborous Niger .

It is a plant native to Europe and Asia. It is used for decoration. Its plants are poisonous, so care needs to be taken while using it.

In ancient times it was used as medicine. The Romans used it in the treatment of serious diseases like Aaralysis and Arthritis . There is a description of this flower in many folk tales.

Bat Orchid

In the list of names of black flowers, we have placed Bat Orchid at the fourth place. It is named on the basis of its shape. This flower looks like a bat hanging upside down.

Its plant can grow up to a height of about 35 inches. The width of its flower is from 11 to 12 inches. Its flowers start blooming at the end of spring.

Its plants require proper care. Too much water should not be stored in the roots of its plants. Light sunlight is essential for its good development.

Banphool (Black Pansy)

We have given the very rare Black Pansy the fifth place in the list of names of black flowers. Black Banphool is rare as well as beautiful and attractive. The yellow shape in the middle of the black colored flowers makes it even more attractive.

Its plants are small. It can be planted both in pots and in the garden. It is planted by seed. It develops very quickly.

Its plants do not require much care. It is one of the major flowers planted in small pots. Periodic watering and sunlight is essential for its growth.

Black Dahlia

We have placed the beautiful Black Dahlia at the sixth position in the list of Black Flowers Names. This large size flower is very attractive. This flower blooming from June to October adds to the beauty of our garden.

When its flowers are completely dry, the seeds are removed from its flowers. It can also be planted in a pot. Black dahlias are very rare.

It does not require much care. Periodic watering and good sunlight are enough to maintain it. Its plants grow well in clay soil.

Sandhya Malti (Black Petunia)

Very rarely found and rare Sandhya Malti is on the seventh place in our list of Black Flowers Names. Its plant is small. It can also be planted in a pot.

Many flowers bloom on its plants simultaneously. It can be planted both by cutting and by seed. It is easy to put it on.

You will be surprised to know that Sandhya Malti is a non-vegetarian. There are sticky fibers on its flowers and leaves. When kites and moths get attracted towards it and sit on its flowers and leaves, they get stuck to its fibers and Sandhya Malti absorbs them.

Black Holly Hock

Perennial Black Holly Hock ranks eighth on our list of Black Flowers Names. Its plants are tall and slender. It is a beautiful but rare flower.

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Alcea nigra

Its plants like sunlight. Its flowers attract bees, butterflies, and insects. This allows it to be pollinated well.

Its plants require little care. Since mites are attracted to it, it is a good idea to use insecticide from time to time. It should be planted in such a place where there is open air and sunlight.

Black Begonia

The scientific name of Black Begonia, which occupies the ninth place in the list of Black Flowers Name, is Black Mamba . This is a rare flower that blooms in winter. Its leaves are velvety.

Direct sunlight is not good for its plants. It is easy to plant it in pots. Mostly it is used for decoration inside homes.

It also requires care. Its plants should be watered only when the soil dries out completely. It is good to use a small amount of manure from time to time.

Black Hibiscus (Black Hibiscus)

Some of our readers may be surprised to see hibiscus in the list of black colored flowers. Black hibiscus is extremely rare. It is planted both in pot and on the ground.

Its flowers are weak. Due to the blows of light strong wind, its flowers break and fall. The roots of its plants are strong.

It also has many medicinal properties . It is used to reduce cholesterol . It is also used in common ailments like cold and flu.

Black Iris

We have placed Black Iris, which plays in the summer season, at the eleventh position in the list of Black Flowers Names. It is a flower of Asia origin. It is an attractive, unique, and rare flower.

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Iris germanica ‘Black is Black’

It is counted among the main flowers that adorn the garden. Hilly soil and environment are favorable for this. This flower is a perennial.

It requires normal care. Its plants should be watered well in the summer season. Old flowers should be cut and separated from time to time.

Names of other 20 important black flowers. 20 Other Black Flowers Name

  1. Diabolo Ninebark
  2. Black Baccara Rose
  3. Zantedeschia Black
  4. Zwartkop Aenium
  5. Canna Black Tropicana
  6. Laced Primeose
  7. Dark Reiter Geranium
  8. Rubin Basil
  9. Black Satin
  10. Sweet Potato Vine
  11. Odessa Calla Lily
  12. Wizard Cone Flower
  13. Dark Hyacinth
  14. Choclate Cosmos
  15. Penny Black Nemophilia
  16. Molly Sanderson Viola
  17. Black Beauty Elderberry
  18. Zantedeschia Black Star
  19. Colocasia Black Magic
  20. Black Prince Coleus

our words

Black colored flowers are very rare. In addition to being rare, they are also fascinating and quirky. Talking about liking, black colored flowers are liked by very few people.

Mostly dark colored flowers require little seeing. These flowers can be planted both indoors and outdoors. These flowers grow well in normal sunlight and normal water.

The names of all the black flowers mentioned in this article have been presented by our team after doing research. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article written on the names of black flowers. Thank you for reading this article.

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