How to Become a Demon in Project Slayers – Roblox

You can create a character in the Demon Slayer anime and manga world in Roblox Project Slayers RPG fighting game. You will have the choice to remain human and fight demons or turn to the evil side and attack the people you considered your family. If you’re interested, we’ll explain how to turn into a demon in this article.

How to become a demon in Project Slayers

You must first level up your character in Project Slayers to level 15 before turning into a demon. This can be done by completing repetitive tasks or by repeatedly killing the Zuko boss. He is a character in Somi's questline and can be located in the starting village. The next thing you should do is locate Muzan. He only appears at night and in arbitrary places. You can buy a Gamepass that will reveal your precise location, but you can also use the following video as a guide to just search the map.

You will receive a task from Muzan that requires you to bring Doctor Higoshima to Muzan and collect 5 Blue Spider Flower Lilies. You simply have to wonder and hope for luck, because Blue Spider Lillies appear sporadically across the map, even in cities. You just need to go past the Zuko boss and exit the city to locate a wooden ramp that will take you to Doctor Higoshima's residence, which is close to the Zuko boss. Engage the doctor to help carry the patient, and then transport it to Muzan. Unless you were able to locate the lilies that same night, he probably won't be in the same location, so you'll need to find him again.

Higoshima will give you Muzan Blood when you bring him to Muzan. You will become a demon after drinking it, guaranteed! You must visit the Demon Art Spin NPC in Zapiwara Cave if you wish to modify your Blood Demonic Art. To locate it, use the Project Slayers Map. Remember that sunlight will cause demons to perish. To survive you will need to have the Kamado clan or a hat. If you can boost your graphics enough, you can also hide in shadows. Demons can't use katanas, but they can use claws!

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