Pink Flowers Name In Hindi And English

Pink colored flowers have a different identity in color B colored flowers. Let us tell you the names of those pink flowers, which are beautiful as well as popular and beneficial.

31 Pink Flowers Name In Hindi And English

Just as humans and animals have a world of their own, similarly flowers also have a different world. Flowers of different colors and species are found in this world. Their properties and usefulness also differ depending on the names , colors and species of flowers . Some pink flowers are Indian and some are foreign.

Pink color is very attractive. Pink is one of the favorite colors of men, women, children, and the elderly. If we talk about flowers, then everyone likes pink flowers too. Many pink colored flowers are attractive as well as beneficial. Apart from pink , red , blue , yellow , and white flowers are also very much liked by the people.

In this article, we will tell you the names of 31 pink flowers. Along with the name of those flowers, we will also tell about their complete information, properties, and utility. So, without taking much of your time, let us tell you the names of 31 pink flowers.

1. Rose

It is not possible to talk about the names of flowers and not to mention the name of roses. In the list of pink flower names, we have placed rose at the top. Rose is the most liked and used flower in the world. People also use rose flower as Good Morning Flowers .

There are other species of pink rose as well. There is a slight difference of color in different species of roses. The roses of any species are dark pink in color and those of some species are of light pink colour.

The pink rose is also used as a symbol. A pink rose is a symbol of gratitude . For someone’s help or work, people express their thanks or gratitude by giving pink roses to each other.

2. Wax Begonia

Begonia, which is in second place in the list of pink flower names, is a beautiful flower in itself. What to say about the beauty of Wax Begonia? It is also found in other colors (red, white, etc.) but the pink colored Wax Begonia is more beautiful and attractive.

It does not require much maintenance. It is one of the major flowers used as decoration in homes. This flower attracts bees towards it, due to which the process of pollination is easy.

It is mostly planted in earthen pots. It requires less water. Morning sunlight is essential for its good growth. Normal water and fertilizer is also necessary for its growth.

3. Bougainvillea

The flower of Bougainvillea is not only beautiful, but the beauty of the leaves of its plants is also worth seeing. Planting bougainvillea, which occupies the fourth position in the list of pink flower names , gives very good results in the month of December .

Its plants have to be pruned from time to time because the branches on which its flowers once bloomed, those branches do not grow flowers again. It is also found in other colors (red, yellow, orange, etc.).

Bougainvillea that blooms in clusters also needs care. Periodic watering and light sunlight is sufficient for its good growth. Its flowers bloom abundantly by applying fertilizer once or twice a month.

4. Azalea

We have placed the beautiful Azalea, which blooms in cold regions, at the fourth place in the list of pink flower names. It is considered best to keep its plants in moist soil. Apart from pink, it is also found in hundreds of other colors (red, yellow, blue, white, etc.)

If you want to fully develop azalea plants and flowers, then it should be planted in a soil that is acidic . Its plants grow slowly in alkaline soil. Light moist soil is perfectly suitable for its plants.

Its plants require proper care. Water sprinkling from time to time is good for its plants and flowers. It also has medicinal properties. Its flowers and leaves are specially used in the treatment of pitta related diseases.

5. Dahlia

In the list of pink flower names, we have placed dahlia in fifth place. Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico . Apart from pink, it is also found in other colors (red, yellow, white, orange, etc.).

This beautiful flower that plays in the winter season is of large size. Its plants need sunlight to grow well. The more sunlight its plants get, the better quality and more number of flowers bloom.

Light water and lightly moist soil are best suited for its plants. In too wet soil, its plants do not grow and flowers do not bloom. Keeping the dried flowers separated from time to time also helps in good growth of its plants.

6. Impatiens Flower

Impatiens flower, which plays in the winter season, has got the sixth place in the list of pink flower names. Its plants spread downwards. This small size flower is very beautiful.

This flower is very sensitive to water. The soil of its plants should always be moist, only then it can grow well. Too much and direct sunlight is not good for it. It is better to keep it in the shed .

Its plants also require care. It should be grown by adding a little sand to its soil and from time to time use of manure should also be done.

7. Mexican Petunia

The Mexican petunia, which is ranked seventh in the list of pink flower names, is very beautiful and fragrant. Its flower leaves are similar to petunia.

The flowers of the Mexican petunia are in bloom throughout the year. During the summer when many flowers do not bloom, Mexican petunia plants are full of their beautiful flowers. It is also found in other colors (violet, white, red, etc.).

Its plants require very little care. Its plant fulfills its own needs. It develops well by giving light water once in two-three days. Its plant does not require fertilizer. This flower, which blooms in bunches, loves sunlight.

8. Mandeville

We have placed Mandevilla, who plays in the summer season, at the eighth place in the list of Pink Flowers Names. To keep its plants safe during the winter season, it has to be kept indoors or in a shed.

What is the morning light good for? It is also found in other colors (white, yellow, red, etc.). This beautiful flower is sold in the market at expensive prices. With good care, it develops within 15 to 20 days and buds start coming.

Its plants need support to grow. Many branches emerge on its plants and flowers bloom in clusters on these branches. Light moist soil is suitable for this.

9. Alyssum

It is best to plant small but very beautiful Alyssum in the ground. Alyssum, which occupies the ninth place in the list of pink flower names, blooms in the winter season and enhances the beauty of the garden and homes.

If it is well taken care of, its flowers bloom even in the summer season. Its plant is very small. It can also be planted in a pot.

Its plants require care. Due to its small plants, its planting is not done in much depth. Its plants should be given fertilizer in proper quantity from time to time.

10. Snapdragon

Snapdragon is also known as dog flower . The shape inside its flower is like the face of a dragon, hence it is called Snap Dragon.

Occupying 10th place in the list of pink flower names, this beautiful flower is also found in other colors (red, yellow, white, etc.). Its flowers bloom abundantly in the winter season. 6 to 7 hours of sunlight is necessary for its good development.

Compost mixed soil is suitable for this. It grows very well if there is little sand content in the soil. To get good flowers, light water should be used on its plants.

11. Hoya

We have placed the evergreen Hoya in the 11th place in the list of pink flower names. With a little care, its flowers bloom throughout the year. It needs normal temperature.

Its leaves are used to make powders and lotions. It has more than 150 species . Most of its species are found in the Philippines and Australia .

Apart from pink, it is also found in other colors (red, yellow, blue, etc.). Compost mixed soil is essential for its good growth. 4 to 6 hours of sunlight is good for its plants.

Other Important Names of 21 Pink Flowers | 21 Other Pink Flowers Name


Let us now tell you the names of some other important pink flowers:

  1. Geranium
  2. Dianthus
  3. Raimunia (Lantana)
  4. Clematis
  5. Canna
  6. Hollyhock
  7. Tulip
  8. Zinnia
  9. Aster
  10. Champa (Plumeria)
  11. Hibiscus
  12. Rain Lily
  13. Rugmini (Ixora)
  14. Evergreen (Vinca)
  15. Begonia
  16. Tecoma
  17. Gul Henna (Balsam)
  18. Orchid
  19. Adenium
  20. Patua (Phlox)

our words

Pink colored flowers are very much liked by the people. In this article, we have given and described the names of some important pink flowers out of lakhs of types of pink flowers. The pink flowers mentioned in this article are also found in other colors and they have different species.

Some pink colored flowers do not require much care and there are some pink colored flowers which have to be well taken care of.

Some pink flowers bloom in a particular season while some pink flowers are evergreen. There are some flowers that can be used as decoration even inside the house. There are also many pink flowers that do not require much sunlight.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article written on the names of pink flowers. All the credit for presenting this short article to you goes to our research team and authors. Thank you for reading the name written on pink flowers.

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