Red Flowers Name In Hindi And English

Red color has a different significance in the world of flowers. The list of names of red flowers is very long. Let us give you detailed information about those flowers.

Red Flowers Name In Hindi And English

There are millions of types of flowers found in the world. Those flowers are mostly named on the basis of their properties or utility. It is not possible to differentiate between Indian flowers and exotic flowers on the basis of flower names .

Flowers are also divided on the basis of colours. Some like white flowers and some like red. Yellow , pink , green , black , and blue flowers are also very much liked by the people. Along with the variety in the colors of flowers, there is also a difference in its properties and uses. Flowers of the same species are found in many colors.

In this article, we will tell you the names of 11 red flowers. Along with the name, we will also give information about the characteristics and other things of those flowers. Let us give you information about the name of red flowers.

1. Gladiolus

Gladiolus is the first name in our list of red flower names. This very beautiful looking red colored flower adds to the beauty of the garden. Its leaves are long and pointed. It is named Gladiolus because of the pointed leaves. Flowers bloom from the stem of this flower. This flower is specially used in making Bouquet.

This flower is also found in other colors, but red colored gladiolus is most liked. Its plant is small, so it can also be planted in a pot. It has more than 250 species.

It is also known as Sword Lily . This flower, which blooms from October to February, also has medicinal properties. It is used in the treatment of cold, cough, fever, and stomach related problems.

2. Bleeding Heart

It comes second in the list of names of red flowers. This flower, which blooms in the mild summer season, is strange in its name as well as in shape. Its plant is like a creeper. It requires light sunlight to grow well.

This flower planted in a pot is very beautiful. It blooms well in moist and soft soil. It cannot grow in very wet soil.

It is applied by pen. It requires good care. By giving regular fertilizers from time to time, it develops very quickly and for a long time. It is a suitable flower to enhance the beauty of home and garden. It is also used as Good Morning Flowers .

3. Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia Milii)

This flower, which blooms on thorny plants, is very beautiful in appearance. The list of names of red flowers cannot be complete without it. The specialty of its plants is that once it develops well, it lives for years and does not require much care.

It is clear from its name that its plants have thorns. It is also found in other colors (yellow, pink, etc.). Its plants do not require much water.

It is often applied to enhance the beauty of the house. It is said that Lord Jesus Christ was crowned with its own thorns and crucified on the cross.

4. Ratanjot (Jatropha)

Ratanjot is also known as Sundarrupa and Lal Chandni . This very beautiful looking flower blooms in the summer season. It is planted by both seed and cutting methods. This red colored flower, requiring simple care, does not require very fertile soil.

It is a flower native to South America. It needs good sunlight to bloom. Its plants grow up to 4 to 5 meters high. Its roots are used for making colours.

The leaves of some species of plants are trident-shaped. It does not require much water. Diesel and Bio Chemicals are made from its fruits, hence it is also called Diesel Flower .

5. Firecracker

This strange name flower is also included in the list of Red Flowers Name. Flowers bloom almost throughout the year on firecracker flower plants. In the month of summer, more flowers bloom on its plants. Flowers do not bloom on its plants for only 2 months in the winter season.

This flower attracts birds towards itself. If you want your patio or garden to be full of birds, then you must plant firecracker flowers.

Due to having dark red and thin flowers, it is called cracker flower. Its plants go down after rising a few inches, so that a fountain-like shape is formed. Due to the shape of this waterfall, its plants are also called Fountain Bush .

It can be planted in all types of soil. This is the best flower to collect Nectar. Its leaves are pointed like needles. It requires good sunlight to fully bloom.

6. Banafsa (Petunia)

A list of the names of red flowers is being prepared and it is impossible not to include Petunia in it. Banafsa is also found in many other colors but red colored Banafsa (Petunia) is the most famous and liked flower.

It is a flower blooming in the winter season. If it is well taken care of, then flowers bloom on its plants till the month of March and April. It can be planted by both seed and cutting methods. Due to its small plants, people also plant it in pots.

Its plant does not grow well in sandy soil. Light and friable soils are best suited for this. There are other species as well. A lot of flowers come on its plants, so people enhance the beauty of their house by planting them in their homes.

7. Ice Plant Flower

It is a beautiful flower blooming in both winter and summer seasons. It is also found in colors other than red (white, pink, etc.). It can be planted in all types of soil but its flowers grow very well in sandy soil.

It requires more sunlight and less water. Its roots get rotten due to excessive watering. The leaves of ice flower are very thin. Seeds are used for planting it.

The leaves of its plants have a shape like water droplets, hence it is called ice flower. It has to be kept safe from the insects.

8. Rhododendron

In the list of red flower names, rhododendron should have got the first place, but on the basis of popularity, we have given it 8th place. Found on tall trees, this red flower is found in mountainous areas.

It is beautiful and charming to look at. People eat sour-sweet vegetable of its flower with great fervor. When the summer starts from the month of March, then the buds start blooming on its trees.

Burunsh (Rhododendron) has been declared as the state tree of Uttarakhand . Burunsh is the state flower of Himachal Pradesh and Nagaland . This beautiful flower is also the national flower of Nepal . Apart from India and Nepal, it is also found in Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, and China. It has more than 80 species.

It also has medicinal properties. Injuries and wounds heal quickly by using its paste on bruises and wounds. It cleans the impurities of the kidney. Food items like chutney, murabba etc. are also made from it.

9. Salvia

Salvia is a beautiful flower blooming in the winter season. Its plant is small and it can be easily planted in a pot. It is planted through seed. Flowers come on its plants from the month of October to April, but from the month of November to January, its flowers bloom in large numbers.

Apart from red color, this flower is also found in 5-6 colors. The leaves of its plants are dark green in color. The combination of red and green enhances the beauty of its plants.

Its plants grow well even in less sunlight. To increase the quality of the plant and flowers, it is good to fertilize its roots. Insects are quick in its plants, so insecticides should be used from time to time.

10. Snap Dragon

Snap Dragon can be planted by both seed and cutting methods. The shape of its flowers is somewhat similar to that of a dragon, hence it is named Snap Dragon. Its plants need sunlight, so it should be planted in a place where it can get at least 2 to 3 hours of sunlight.

Its plant gives good results in moist soil. Too wet soil is harmful to its plants. It also needs some care. At the interval of a few weeks, organic fertilizers should be used on its roots.

Apart from red, it is also found in purple, yellow, white, green colors. It is used for decoration.

11. Impatiens Flower

This is the last flower in the list of names of red flowers. Very beautiful flowers bloom on its small plants planted in pots. Its flowers bloom in many colors, but the impatience flowers of red color are more attractive.

Its flowers remain on the plants for 3-4 days after blooming. Its plants require slightly moist soil. Its roots rot due to excessive watering. Its plants do not require much fertilizer.

There is a possibility of getting fungus in its plants, so it needs special care. This flower, which blooms in the cold season, also needs light sunlight.

Names of 20 other scarlet flowers

  1. Poppies
  2. Primrose
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  4. Azalea
  5. Begonia
  6. Iris
  7. Carnation
  8. Coneflower
  9. Dahlia
  10. Geranium
  11. Saffron (Crocus)
  12. Corydalis
  13. Daisy
  14. Hyacinths
  15. Lily
  16. Marigold
  17. Peonies
  18. Pentas
  19. Hollyhock
  20. Clematis

our words

The list of the names of red flowers is long, but in this article we have given the names of those important red flowers which are famous. The names of red flowers do not necessarily match with their qualities. The properties of some flowers are completely different from their name.

The specialty of most red flowers is that they require little care. They also grow in less sunlight and less water. They also grow well in moist soil and enhance the beauty of our home and garden.

Thank you for reading this article written on the name of red flowers.

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